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Individual angel investors, domain experts and mentors have helped us offer a stronger support to entrepreneurs and build lasting ventures. There are different approaches to partner with us individually.

MENTOR’S vision is that every startup has the supportive relationships they need to grow and develop into thriving, productive and focused visionary. If you are a sectoral or functional expert, you could immensely help a budding entrepreneur overcome challenges that they may be facing in their entrepreneurial journey. Join us in helping our entrepreneurs solve a hard problem!

India is driving the world economy and it is given thrust by some of the brilliant minds in business. These minds are empowering the people to picturize India at helm of the world centre. We like such individuals who can coach our startups to envision, strategize, evangelize and help them view a bigger picture on various subject matters. Just give us a buzz!

Seed/Angel investors support our startups by providing them with the necessary early stage risk capital and follow-on funding either through Electropreneur Park or directly. While we do not manage an active angel network, we are associated with several individuals from India and overseas who have participated in such investments.


Kindly let us know about yourself and how you would like to partner with us in supporting startups and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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