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Ceantra Technologies

Developing connected Vehicle Platform to Monitor of Vehicle Health and Driver behaviors

Resonant Electronics

Developing IoT based, Wireless, Retro-Fit – "Energy Audit & Control System”

Starbru Techsystems

Developing tactical android wireless data card (TAWDC) for interface with existing Indian Army radio .

Stemrobo Technologies

Creating multiple electronic development and learning kits for schools and institutes

Fitnano Technologies

Developing safety IOT wearable for children, elderly, women and pets.


Developing medical equipment and accessories for Endoscopy and Laproscopy

Simply Purify

Providing affordable and innovative solutions for air pollution control and monitoring at home & commercial establishments


Developing IOT based distributed asset automation solutions for smart living

I lumy, doorastha

Developing a unique solution to monitor energy usage in a distributed grid and control the power delivery to the end user

EVI Technologies

 EVI Technologies has developed an Electric Vehicle (EV) Fast Charging Station.

GenElek Technologies

Developing cost effective, light-weight exoskeletons for differently-abled"

Trydan Motors

Developing e-bikes & e-scooter to create a eco-system of EV in India.

ODO Informatics

Developing non-invasive, wireless, cable-less cardiac activity monitoring device to detect arrhythmias and other cardiac events.

Motohoop Technologies

Motohoop, a bike assistant system turns a bike into a cutting edge smart bike and connects it with the digital world.

Concinnity Agro2o

Agro2o™ is an agritech start-up using sensors, advanced hydroponics and intelligent growing algorithms.

Geneorigin Business Solutions 

Developing a wearable health monitoring device that diagnoses complete body health as per the Indian Ayurvedic Principles and Modern Medicine System.

VT Labs

Developing high efficiency power converters for higher wattages with a very wide input voltage range for Industrial and commercial applications.