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Industry Leaders and Mentors at EP

Electropreneur Park will have different kinds of mentors to be able to bring immense value from varying expertise.

The Key class of Mentors will be:

Strategic Mentors

These refer to key leaders from various industrial domains.

Master Mentors

These refer to established entrepreneurs, leading angel investors and business leaders in various domains

Functional Domain Mentors

These refer to industry gurus across various management functions such financial control, marketing, PR, HR and others

International Mentors

Electropreneur Park will attempt to bring on board some leading international mentors through its associates/partners

The Electropreneur Park proposes to have a two tier mentorship available that will range from round the clock tactical managerial guidance to having motivational leadership interactions with some of the global industry champions.

Tier 1 Mentorship

This will be offered by the Electropreneur Park CEO. At this stage the fundamental managerial and project management skills of the incubatees will be pruned to increase their efficiencies, and bring in focused and directionalised application of efforts to reduce wastages and encourage time bound results.

Besides, the Park CEO will also guide the incubatees about the role of various government and other organisations that they might need to deal with from time to time.

The Park CEO will also ensure that industry leaders are called regularly to impart various skills to the entrepreneurs. The expert sessions will enable the incubatees to address numerous challenges pertaining to value proposition, product strategy, go-to-market-strategy, competitiveness, resource management, etc. These sessions will also impart requisite soft skill sets including team building, public speaking, presentation skills, business communications, etc.

Tier 2 Mentorship

This level of mentorship will be as of a techno-business guide. The mentor assigned to an incubatee for this purpose will be closely associated with each of them with highest level of personal attention to detail. The mentor will guide the incubatee about the technological aspects of the product / IP that is being attempted and also mentor on the aspects of keeping the efforts focused at making the product / IP commercially viable so that it certainly results in a commercial venture.

The mentor at this level will also guide about how to make the project appealing to secure investments from Venture Capitalists and/or other such funding partners.

Mentors’ roles

To provide strategic, tactical and domain specific guidance to the start – ups under their mentorship

To commit pre – decided number of hours – which will be finalized through definitive legal agreement with the start – ups and Electropreneur Park – towards offering consulting and guidance to the related start – ups

To closely monitor the progress of related start – ups and advise and assist in implementation of any corrective actions, as may be required

To report the progress of related start – ups as per the designated processes at Electropreneur Park

To identify and assist in accessing any other professional and/or domain experts – that may be provided relevant inputs/guidance to the related start – ups

To enable access to their ‘Network’ of professionals and organization – who may offer valuable support to the related start – ups

To work closely with Electropreneur Park team and aid in smooth functioning of proposed initiative